There are partnerships that change the future, because they have a young look, that can see the present with different eyes from those who built it in the past.

By their very nature, the academic and industrial worlds are complementary, preparatory to each other, communicating. But in the case of the Politecnico of Turin and LMA there is much more. There is the desire to experiment for the common good, there is the desire to overcome limits, continuously setting new horizons. There is a transversality of interests and passions that unites young graduates and expert governance, training and experimentation in the field, visions and productions, projects and products.

For years now, this educational and professional combination has been manifested in the many projects carried out and also in those already under development. The thirty or so employees currently at LMA who come from the Politecnico (and who are only a part of the hundreds that have followed in the past) are the emblem of this innovative, propulsive, unstoppable connection!

The Politecnico of Turin has brought excellent results to LMA, which has offered opportunities to many willing graduates to make, in their small, “bigger” the world.

The good partnership between Politecnico and LMA

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