We are pleased to be able to share with all of you this new achievement of ours: we have been awarded, for the second consecutive year, by Deloitte Private and the other organizing parteners with the “Best Managed Companies” 2023 edition!

After the first success in 2022, which was already a great achievement, here is reconfirmed for LMA the new Award following the 2023 Redevelopment Form.

We share the news with you, because it is also in synergies and networking that we find those energies and professional passion that enable us such Team achievements!

The “Best Managed Companies” recognized our distinctive excellence in various aspects: managerial soundness, cutting-edge entrepreneurship, high technology, professional passion, care for sustainability issues, skills and innovation, performance results and supply chain activities…    

Aiming for excellence is a daily commitment: it is our way of participating in building an ever-better world. We are obviously proud that all this work of ours is recognized at the national level, also because it is not just an industrial goal, since it is part of a wider context, benefiting the territory, society and the environment.

It is an Award that spurs us to continue on this virtuous and winning team path!

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