The special “Three Days of the 5S” at LMA has just ended.

First of all, some numbers: 24 extra hours of work on the Method, for more than 100 resources; 11 Areas of Intervention between Offices and Production Areas; 11 Working Groups for internal and external Areas of LMA; 1 Opening Event; 1 Closing Event, with sharing and celebration for the results.

What is the ultimate meaning of these numbers?

It is the Corporate Culture, Lean Production, together with the Lean Office. It is an industrial paradigm, part of the Strategic Plan and Corporate Values.

The ‘5S Method’, established many years ago in LMA thanks to the contribution of Lenovys, allows us to follow a Work Organisation Process to ensure, and maintain, work environments that are always welcoming, clean, tidy, efficient.

It is more than just cleaning or tidying up: it is care and attention for people and things. With obvious benefits for both the environment and the stakeholders (customers, suppliers, society and the territory above all).

We have dedicated a three-day full immersion of check-ups, upgrades and fine-tuning of the entire process, to reiterate once again how this method is to the advantage of optimising results, work organisation and the creation of environments congruent both with current regulations and with that criterion of ‘beauty’ that is proper to the Corporate Culture to which we have always aspired.

Three days of updating the operational notice boards, restoring certain optimal conditions, and re-analysing the objectives of the Method: an internal alignment both for new recruits and for those who have already been working with LMA for years.

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