Do you remember this photo?

It was 2016, when LMA won that edition of the “Chiave a Stella” Award, promoted by API Torino, in collaboration with Unicredit, laRepubblica, the Chamber of Commerce and many other organizations.

At its second participation, LMA received a Special Mention again this year, as “Best example of productive conversion with attention to the weakest categories”.

On “laRepubblica” all the results of the Award, created to highlight the companies of excellence in the Turin area, especially in this time of Covid.

Social responsibility, environmental awareness and excellent governance, as well as productive reconversion, welfare, creation of territorial networks and organizational capacity: these are the themes of evaluation of the more than 60 nominations.

This year we decided to participate again, because we felt we had captured the spirit of the Award through the very special design and production experience of our RESPIRA mask, followed by the MICROONE environment sanitizer. All actions of technological excellence, performed in record time, but with a great investment in research and development, and during the apex of the various “Covid phases”. These new opportunities confirmed to LMA a new possible path: in fact, the opening to the medical-healthcare world, parallel to our traditional core business, now appears to us more and more traced and this further recognition comes with pleasure to confirm our ability to combine technological innovation and social sustainability.

The attention to detail and the attention to the weakest categories have certainly characterized our latest projects: therefore, we are honored and proud of how the value of our company has been reconfirmed and how the effort made in the various projects, especially in the last year, all aimed at doing well company, and doing it for the common good, has been rewarded. In perfect LMA style, resilient and always ready for new challenges.

The winning combination of innovation and social responsibility

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