We are here! Also this time! We have been listed in the Official Catalogue 2020 of the Italian Space Industry. The Catalogue, produced by ASI and other sector bodies, under the aegis of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, has included us in the list of national aerospace excellence.

In this prestigious list, LMA has been marked above all for its capabilities in the areas of “machining, quality and competitiveness”. Another recognition of the high degree of innovation, technology and excellence that comes from our decades of experience in the aerospace field. For many years, in fact, we have been participating in various programs of great international importance, such as the one related to Bulkhead Cygnus.

This know-how, all this experience, in continuous expansion and updating, allows us to serve the aerospace market with absolute competence and punctuality. Because in order to achieve excellence, to be part of it, and constantly, numerous competences are required, very specific; it is necessary to consolidate a professional awareness on the regulations that regulate the sector and in particular it is necessary to specialize in controls and surveillance, certifications and the necessary institutional and bureaucratic procedures.




Excellence is a continuous tension to do better

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