LMA is called upon to take a new step forward: digital innovation is an essential step to be counted among the “ELITE Leonardo Lounge” in the Leonardo supply chain.

The new initiative of “Digital Assestment & Roadmap” that will involve all Leonardo’s excellent suppliers foresees a strengthening of the supply chain through the digital transformation in view of Industry 4.0.

For this reason, LMA will participate in the project L.E.A.P. 2020 (Leonardo Empowering Advanced Partnerships), well aware of the common goal: to strengthen partnerships between customer and suppliers, to enhance production capacity, with mutual benefits.

We are honored and we will live up to this opportunity: it is a common innovation process, strongly desired by Leonardo, in collaboration with the Piedmontese DIH (Digital Innovation Hub of Confindustria), which will make our entire aeronautical sector even more competitive and technologically advanced.

The suppliers involved will be evaluated in terms of digital maturity and cybernetic security, thus oriented towards a path of progressive digital development, with particular attention to all issues related to 4.0 technologies, networking towards the innovation ecosystem, smart factories, competence centers (research centers, providers of enabling technologies …).

LMA is ready for Leonardo’s new evolutionary path: it will be a journey from the traditional “supply chain” to a more versatile and performing “value chain”, based on an even more solid and structured partnership.

Let's strengthen together Leonardo's supply chain

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