Roberto Boggio, Communication & Business Ethics Manager of LMA, at the table of the Unione Industriali di Torino, together with the Magnifico Rettore of the Politecnico di Torino Guido Saracco, Prof. Roberto Schiesari (Dept. of Management, University of Turin), the CEO of Guardini SpA Elena Guardini, and together with the top management of Cdaf and Bios Management who, together with Andaf, organised the event to highlight how and to what extent Sustainability is a Value (and gives Value) to Companies.

Sustainability Reporting and Reduction of CO2 Emissions, Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declaration (EDP), Product Category Rules (PCR) and Sustainability Plan: from the global macrosystem down to the most verticalised operations, all in the service of people, all to safeguard the planet, all for proper governance.


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