Some single moments can be worth a lifetime. And, as was the case on 4 October 2022, at Palazzo Mezzanotte of Borsa Italiana in Milan, there are moments that can reward many individual lives.

Stepping onto a stage and picking up the ‘Best Managed Companies’ 2022 Award for the first time is the crowning achievement of industrial visions that go back a long way, more than half a century; it is the confirmation that so much effort, investment and battles have served to build a solid and excellent company.

And it is the hope that a responsible business culture will spread more and more.

In fact, Deloitte, together with Elite and Confindustria, set up this Award with the intention of supporting companies in their self-improvement, growth and self-improvement.

At the end of the demanding selection process experienced by LMA as a team effort, being selected for such an award rewards both the work done over the decades by the company’s top management, but also the added value given by the commitment and passion of each individual resource in the company.

It is a recognition of excellence for the governance, sustainability and innovation achievements bestowed on the company, and which it was then decided to share with each and every LMA resource.



“Working as a team means sharing efforts as much as satisfactions, criticalities as much as victories.

This is why, on 27 October, we dedicated a company event to the celebration of the ‘Best Managed Companies 2022’ award, conferred at the Italian Stock Exchange by Deloitte Elite Confindustria and collected by the Management on behalf of the entire LMA.

This recognition rewards the passion and professionalism of each resource and of an entire team that has been serving customers and taking care of people and their surroundings on a daily basis for more than half a century.

This is why, in celebrating the award received together, the Management addressed a special thank you to all employees, name by name, department by department, and a spur to continue along this path of excellence that the market recognizes.

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