LMA inaugurates a new era of its own.

After 50 years of success in serving and producing projects for very large and important national and international customers, it now launches into the production and sale of a product of its own: the new totally transparent protective mask RESPIRA.

The professionalism and resourcefulness of the R&D department, the compact company structure, the know-how and the efficiency/efficiency of LMA’s industrial processes have made RESPIRA on sale all over the world: through Amazon and through the e-commerce portal of www.respira-lmasrl.com.

You can choose between two different levels of protection; you can choose which ones to wear among the 4 colours of elastic cords that are inserted in the kit; you can use the first 10 filters that are in the initial kit. And then, the spare filters, always in packs of 10, will still be available for purchase through RESPIRA’s e-commerce.

RESPIRA is a food-grade silicone mask, latex free, available on the site in two versions: “Consumer” kit (with filters type eq. II or commonly called “surgical”) and “Professional” kit (with filters type eq. FFP2). On the RESPIRA site there are all the other peculiarities and features, prices (highly competitive) and assembly instructions. And then our official video, in the “Media” page of www.respira-lmasrl.com.

You can choose RESPIRA, because its transparency is smile, is relationship, is human and professional relationship! And then because we have designed it especially for people with hearing difficulties or for workers who work in particularly noisy environments. You can choose RESPIRA, because it is easily disinfected or sterilized. RESPIRA is suitable for all those workers in the medical or educational sector who particularly have to deal with children, whose smile and empathy you can’t block with a mask!

You can also follow the RESPIRA experience on Instagram’s “Respira Mask” and LMA’s LinkedIn profile!

LMA is once again at the service of society, territory and the market. And it allows you to choose to live the RESPIRA’s experience, because our experience is at the service of everyone’s life. LMA knows it, has thought it and then designed and built with this conviction, that under the mask, there is a person!


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