The research and development of new ideas, new design and production dimensions are the embryo of the new world to come. The form the world will take is the one that can arise from original perspectives, from cutting-edge technological innovation and attention to detail, both in designing and processing activities.

Therefore, a fleet of 3D printers has also been put at the disposal of engineers and competent professionals, useful to give shape to these intuitions, these studies, these visions.

The latest purchase is the M300Plus from Zortrax, an FDM printer with rapid prototyping of large parts, for the production of functional parts with excellent mechanical characteristics. Thanks to the soluble media, it is possible to exploit the full potential of additive manufacturing, reducing post-processing times and costs.

And then there is the Inkspire from Zortrax, a DLP (resin stereolithography) printer that allows the production of small functional components with excellent surface definition and extreme printing precision. Thanks to this DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology, the highest printing speed is guaranteed.

In the immediate future of LMA there is also an industrial class printer, capable of producing composite components with continuous fiber deposition (markforged technology).

All LMA’s 3D printers enable innovative processes, from prototyping to the production of functional and engineering grade products, to support workshop activities and the production of new products.

“The workflow includes the creation of the CAD model and direct manufacturing through 3D printing for aesthetic and functional prototyping. Once the desired configuration has been obtained, the final component is made with a much faster work cycle than the traditional one (less waste, more space for creativity)”: this is how engineer Di Benedetto (LMA R&D Manager) sums up the full potential of his research, design and development laboratory.

“The strong investment in technology and professional skills” adds CEO Fulvio Boscolo “allows us to offer the market not only innovative and versatile products, but absolutely able to meet the contingent and futuristic needs of all kinds of customers.

Because everything can be given shape, both geometric, mechanical and functional. Even the future.

Our 3D Printers

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