#AndràTuttoBene (Everything’s gonna be okay) it is much more than a childish hope: it is the certainty that man, when he commits all his most intrinsic resources to the maximum, can determine, at least in large part, his own future.
With its attention to the territory, with its dedication to the community and work network, the LMA knows that #AndràTuttoBene. Because in LMA there are women and men who know how to team up, who know how to face the present already planning the future. And they all know how to do it together.
The rainbow after the rain is not a miracle: it is a scientifically explainable event. It is a wonderful sign of transition; it almost tastes like magic, but in reality it is the logical outcome due to the concatenation of precise events.
The rainbow is not for all after-rains: precise conditions must be created.
The LMA knows this. And it says it openly, on the doorstep of its headquarters: #AndràTuttoBene, because we have faced each other in this very special situation and now we are even more aware that all together we will continue to ensure a bright and colorful future.
High precision production, up-to-date and innovative research and development, managerial management and well-constructed work processes: all at the service of that demanding and fast market that for fifty years has seen us as protagonists, reliable and performing.
For LMA the future has always been together.
Together with your employees, customers, suppliers, partners!
That’s why #AndràTuttoBene!


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