“Abandon all hope of totality, future as past, you who enter the world of liquid modernity. Thus  spoke Zygmunt Bauman, in 1999, when we had already lived for almost a century in the other Einsteinian “certainty” that “Everything is Relative”. And none of them had in mind the Covid-19 emergency, which of “relative” and “liquid” offered us a new plastic vision. But history has already taught us that “relative” cannot mean “empty” and that “liquid” cannot mean “precarious”. The industry of the future will live even more on changes and the ability to face them will be constantly measured: this resilient conviction keeps LMA firm on its principles, its projects, its processes. Inside the plastic forms in progress, there is a basic and essential substance, to always give security to customers and compactness to suppliers.

It is an absolutely “existential” paradigm shift, as Riccardo Robella wisely says in one of his articles. The definition of a man, and consequently the definition of a company (made up of a group of men moving in unison), evidently no longer finds its main foundation in the simple concept of “fixity”, but must have an epicenter of “stability”. What in the present is rapidly changing, however, must be analyzed in depth, before being assumed as a valid future. Change is progress, it is intrinsically physiological, but not for this reason it is master of our choices and can never be totally acceptable only by definition.

Industry 4.0, made of innovation but also of sustainability (at 360° and not only from an environmental point of view), passes through controlled but aware supply chains, through tested partnerships but under continuous examination, through elastic but not for this reason unstable design. Looking for collaboration and common projects, aiming at constructive comparisons and shared paths is the real certainty of this new liquid world of work: liquid for lightness, not for inconsistency; changeable to improve, not to destabilize. Stablely relative; modernly iridescent; consciously moving.

Changes and Confirmations

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