Not even a few minutes on “Tagadà”, and in any case more than enough to tell the whole Italy that RESPIRA is an excellent solution to any relational criticality during this period of health emergency.

The “tagadà” is an amusement park carousel. And often we talk about “media carousel”. We went on this… “carousel”, with a service inside the La7 TV “Tagadà” in-depth analysis container that underlined, with words and images, the transparency, the eco-sustainability and the safety that the RESPIRA project brings in itself and to the community.

Schools and all other work activities have now begun and lip reading, the empathic transmission of the various facial expressions become decisive in human relations and professional relationships.

The strong structuring of LMA has led to the design and production of RESPIRA, whose total transparency is the basis of many solutions: for teachers and educators, for those who have direct relationship with the public and customers, for those who want to protect themselves, but without giving up the empathy of human relationships.

“Tagadà” has highlighted all these peculiarities, reminding all Italy that technology and innovation can also be put at the service of the community, especially in such particular moments of history.

all our transparency on La7 TV

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