Technological innovation is one of the pillars of excellence and of LMA’s 50-year-old history. Another of its pivotal points is its ability to network, social and commercial professionalism: synergies with other stakeholders are at the basis of the construction of present and future projects.

This was also the case recently with Walter Tools, the company that has specialised in precision tools for 80 years: the results achieved by WALTER TOOLS and LMA are due to the mutual, constructive exchange of experience, know-how and shared objectives.

All this has also been well highlighted by the specialized magazine “MECHANICAL TECHNOLOGIES” (“Automotive and Aeronautical” – pages 76-77), which wanted to highlight how one can be competitive on the markets also thanks to valid collaborations, able to support and implement all of them.

It is no coincidence that the example of our collaboration with WALTER was titled “CONTINUOUS INNOVATION”: in fact, the future is always one step further; you reach it, sometimes even anticipating it a little bit, and then you take it again. LMA has been working like this for 50 years: it always continues to go a little further, always one step ahead and always one step ahead.

Serving a high-level customer base (which rightly demands consistently high performance practices, processes and timescales) is a well-established mission for LMA: even the choice of the most suitable tools for the management of very complex machining processes is decisive. The article summarizes an in-depth study, which lasted about two years, and which ultimately led to the creation of one of the most important tools for aerospace production.

This is our story, of every day, of the days to come.


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