What’s the word? “Numbers don’t say everything”…

True, but they certainly are important when they represent the real message and the deep values behind it. The Green Cross of Rivoli (Rivoli – Turin) has not only amazing numbers, but highly commendable ones. Because they are data, but they actually describe people, their emotions, their work.

LMA visited the headquarters of the Green Cross of Rivoli, wisely led by Marco Biondino, because, with a donation of 20 RESPIRA masks, he wanted to represent to him, to his 45 employees and to his 250 volunteers a value, that is to say the great admiration for the great work they carry out incessantly every day. A work that flies on the wave of human relations and that touches the intimate, the deep, the very nature of existence. A service full of emotions, like the sound of a smile, like the thrill of a “thank you”, like the caress of a help. There are people who, every day, experience these emotions, transmit them and receive them, during their work, their voluntary work, during their life also for the life of others. People like those who dedicate their hearts and energies to the Green Cross of Rivoli.

The one between LMA and Green Cross of Rivoli is one of those meetings between two realities that really care about their territory, but it is above all the symbol of a possible social, civil and professional network that can only do good to an entire community.

The Green Cross of Rivoli deserves this thanks for many reasons: only in the first phase of the fight against Covid, the headquarters of Rivoli saw an increase in its volunteers of about 70 units, of which about thirty remained on a permanent basis. Also in that dramatic phase, in addition to the usual ordinary services, the Green Cross of Rivoli managed a mobile buffer station and an exceptional van to transport people in need of assistance.

But do not underestimate the concept that the Green Cross of Rivoli has of “ordinary services”: thirty thousand interventions per year, a medical car and 40 vehicles constantly in service, many training courses, specialization in DAE management (defibrillators), assistance during sporting events, support for local hospitals …

With the resources at its disposal, unfortunately never enough, and with a will power at least equal to the great sense of professional responsibility, the Green Cross of Rivoli proves every day that innovation and technology must always go hand in hand with great humanity and the spirit of sacrifice.

These are the values that also make great numbers!

We are honored to have been able to contribute, for our modest part, to support the enormous heart and the great professionalism of a reality of the territory that can only make us proud and grateful.


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