When we talk about Sustainability, we think not only of today’s environmental and social good, but also of future generations. When we talk about professionalism at work, inexorably we talk about young talents well directed towards life from school age.

That’s why today 24 fantastic young people from the “Istituto Zaccaria” in Milan, accompanied by vice-rector p. Giacomo Sala and professors Valeria Peccenini and Maria Beatrice Carretta, filled our factory with enthusiasm, questions and colour.

A confrontation between worlds and generations on how both they and we can change the world and build the future together, each with their own abilities, but all together. And above all, giving free rein to the creativity that can improve schools, businesses and the entire universe (including Space)!

Kids, study! Study how to take the future and make it as extraordinary as you can!

And thanks again for your visit: it was great to meet you all!

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