The site dedicated to RESPIRA contains all the details about the brand new mask by LMA: not only its price, absolutely advantageous, but also the many peculiarities that make it an attractive mask, for everyday life, at work, out of the house, among other people.

RESPIRA significantly reduces the amount of waste, is ergonomic, washable and sterilizable (therefore, reusable almost indefinitely); RESPIRA is made of food-grade silicone, latex free, light and comfortable. For all these reasons, the interest in RESPIRA is not only of those who are buying it on the e-commerce portal, but also of the many media that are talking about it, highlighting its most original and innovative features.

More recently, for example, IO has highlighted the importance of not hiding the face and, consequently, the emotions and our desire to relate with others.

TECH, instead, focused on the low environmental impact of RESPIRA: respecting nature means above all protecting it from useless and harmful waste.

And before them, agencies such as ADN KRONOS or articles such as GREENCITY have also relaunched RESPIRA, both confirming how RESPIRA is eco-sustainable, with maximum comfort, reusable several times. captured instead how fashion, even in an “accessory” like RESPIRA, can support the fight against the Coronavirus: one of LMA’s intentions in producing this mask was to be an active protagonist in this “global battle”. also highlighted RESPIRA and all its technical features, accessories and spare parts. The Instagram profile of “Respira Mask” accompanies you every day in the world that… breathe! And new magazines will soon talk about it: RESPIRA was born for this very reason: to be on everyone’s lips!


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