LMA’s supervisory board oversees Ethics


On 19 January 2012 the Board of Directors of LMA officially appointed, and consequently established, as from 19/01/2022, the Supervisory Board (SB) of LMA srl, with the task of supervising the operation of and compliance with the Organisation and Management Model pursuant to Lgs Decree 231/2001 (the so-called MOG 231/2001 – Administrative Responsibility).

LMA has made the entirely optional but highly responsible choice of investing as much as possible in this aspect of Governance, following the best practice in this field.

The Supervisory Board “OdV” of LMA srl has a multi-personal nature and is composed of three members, two external and one internal: thanks to the expert advice of Deloitte, LMA srl is activating this process of structuring a Governance increasingly based on transparency and sustainability, intending to build an integrated system between the MOG 231/2001 and the Code of Ethics, for which some peculiarities will be transversal and in common between the two instruments, given that compliance with the indications of both will be ensured by the Supervisory Board in charge.

The Supervisory Board is an independent body, made up of selected professionals, who will have the task of interfacing periodically with the resources of LMA srl, both in the exercise of their duties and in the provision of training.

In addition, LMA srl has adopted its own corporate “Code of Ethics“, which expresses the commitments and ethical responsibilities in the conduct of business and corporate activities. The Code of Ethics defines the set of Values and Principles, as well as the Guidelines of Conduct that must be adopted by the Directors, by all persons bound by employment relationships and, more generally, by all those who work with or for LMA srl, whatever the relationship in place.

Both the OMC 231/2001 (General Section) and the Code of Ethics are published online on this website (https://lmasrl.com/business-ethics_cec/), for transparent and informed sharing with all stakeholders, especially with the various supply chains to which they belong and which they manage.

Each of us is society, even in the workplace. And the planet is everyone’s home, including companies. Taking care of these issues means taking care of ourselves and others.

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