LMA took part in the Torino Defense Meetings in Lingotto.
This is the only international business convention for the aerospace and defence industry organised in Italy and tailored to LMA’s needs.
Over 2 days, all participating companies were given the opportunity to come together and build targeted business relationships whilst developing new projects with companies around the world.
Once again, this event represented an opportunity for LMA to meet new customers and suppliers in order to create synergies and opportunities for the future.Participation in the event was announced on Sunday, 24th November 2019 in the section of the Sole 24ORE called “Nova”, dedicated to topics related to innovation in research and technology. For the occasion, a service dedicated to AEROSPACE & DEFENCE MEETINGS 2019 “International Business Convention for the aerospace and defence industry” was published, scheduled for Lingotto Fiere Torino from 26th to 27th November 2019.
LMA recevied precious visibility in highlighting its uniqueness before an attentive and considerable high-profile socio-economic audience such as that of the readers of the Sole 24 Ore.

Turin’s excellence in the Aerospace sector

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