A project developed thanks to the collaboration of two companies with a common need and goal: training and innovation.
On the one hand, Gi Group, the first Italian multinational job centre, and on the other, LMA a Turin-based par excellence in the civil and military aviation sector, as well as in the industrialization of highly critical parts. The two companies together have set up the Academy “Operatori Bordo Macchina 4.0” – “4.0 On-board Machine Operators”, aimed at training specialized personnel, able to respond to the needs of our constantly changing industry and sector.
This was our starting point, just like a theatre, where the main actors are also the experts; a total challenge, welcomed with enthusiasm to meet a scenario of innovation and excellence, in which LMA and Gi Group are promoters.
Twelve staff members aged between 20 and 35 have started on a 200-hour training course, structured thanks to the collaboration between the Research and Development areas of LMA and Gi Group. And the exceptional scenario for the closure of the theoretical route is the LMA production facility in which resources can start “in-the-field work”, working alongside and competing with the sophisticated and cutting-edge machinery available in Turin.
Important team work to continue with innovation and to have ever more performing, efficient and specialized staff, ideally suited for today’s constantly changing market.


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