Others newspapers today talk about “RESPIRA”, but they also talk about LMA.

In particular, it is “IL GIORNALE” that captures the deep meaning of the RESPIRA project and, more generally, the corporate vision of LMA: we are a factory of ideas and technology, not only all Italian, but also “family”. And definitely… “extended”, so to speak.

Over the last 50 years, the Boscolo family has surrounded itself with many people who have helped to confirm LMA as a benchmark of excellence in its market.

It is also the team working that guarantees successes like these. Governance, solid structuring and accuracy in management go hand in hand with the competence of many individuals, which is, however, placed as a common denominator with values and visions that are totally shared and essential.

This is why, even in the most difficult moments, as in this strange virulent 2020, the potential of LMA has emerged: it is the compactness of the team that allows it to react positively even in drastic changes of direction; it is the group’s flexibility in knowing how to read the present and its needs on the fly that allows it to support the needs coming from the world with quality and quantity.

In LMA, you can… breath (“RESPIRA”) a family air, an air of a compact group, of a competent team, that wants to get involved and look beyond!


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