How many times we’ve been told: “Take a breath and go!” Usually we were spurred on like this in view of a particularly important or onerous challenge.
In these months of struggle against “the” epochal enemy, so microscopic as to be invisible, never to be seen in the face, but so evidently devious and devastating, here are many people, from the healthcare world and not, are taking the front line, with courage and sense of duty.
Behind those covering masks, they took a deep breath and… go!
But since their looks are not enough to transmit us all their heroic, patriotic emotions, and since the LMA is eager to support the community and the territory in this global challenge, here we have designed the production of RESPIRA (breathe), the new mask able not to hide the faces of those who fight, those who help, those who risk, those who give hope.
We thought of RESPIRA as a face, that observes, that speaks, that is the mirror of a soul constantly attentive to others.
That’s why we have designed it with total transparency, for a labial in order to avoid misunderstandings and in favour of the deaf and dumb.
That’s why we have designed it in total compliance with regulations, to ensure the necessary comfort and to guarantee the necessary safety.
That’s why we have produced it with materials that can be autoclaved and disinfected, to invest more in the long term in practical reuse and in full respect of the environment.
That’s why we have produced it according to criteria of maximum compatibility, ergonomic design and easy adaptability, according to specific needs and thanks to innovative additive manufacturing systems. You can find all the details in our brochure or contact our directly at
Breathe, RESPIRA, and go!


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