Professionalism is measured in competence and metacompetence.

Reliability, being there when needed, knowing how to sacrifice part of one’s own well-being for the common good, are all qualities that embellish an already high industrial professionalism.

More than once, in this unpredictable 2020, the market has asked us for sudden and “extraordinary” commitments that have justified a major production upgrade. We have activated new additional shifts and new resources in support. We have worked, and we are working, during the weekends to better support our clients.

Taking the work seriously also means to understand its progress, to be ready in emergencies, to contextualize them and to solve them. Not by chance, in the picture, the colleagues of the Task Force are inside one of our machines. This is our strength: knowing how to stay firm inside every situation, using all our skills to turn critical issues into opportunities, urgencies into challenges!

We are very proud of our exceptional Task Force that, on several occasions and seven days a week, is meeting increased production needs with self-sacrifice and great team spirit!

It is also thanks to this team of extraordinary professionals that we can reassure all our customers that we at LMA, as always, “can stay on track!”.

Extraordinary professionals and Overtime

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