The strategic tool made especially for companies that produce and really want to distinguish themselves in highly innovative upgrades is called GDE (Evolved Data Management).

It is the answer by LMA, in full corporate imprinting of Industry 4.0 Plan, to the need for greater industrial automation, new technology to improve working conditions, better production quality of plants.

The R&D of LMA has designed, not only for itself but for all production activities, a jewel of technology and information technology that allows to standardize data, the first essential step and then to bring them into a flow capable of developing integration and interconnection between all machinery and with the company’s informatics system.

It is an application that can also aggregate and analyze data for various purposes: dashboard management, production progress, preventive maintenance…

More efficient production, automation of data exchange, real time updates, cost reduction (optimized management on machines, tools and maintenance), advanced interconnections, more robust quality management: all this in an integrated system capable of managing the dynamic location of tools.

GDE is the result of multidisciplinary research and has been developed to optimize the most varied industrial production.

GDE comes from the future, to simplify the present!

More information at LMA’s R&D:  –


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