The solutions take shape: the smart technology and innovation suitable for any mechanical company is called AIR-Q and condenses the qualities of additive manufacturing with the peculiarities of the vacuum system. It is the first patent of a product entirely conceived and designed by LMA, but we have not only patented a product: we have made an idea more efficient.

AIR-Q is an integrated and connected tool, very versatile, dedicated to the fixing of vacuum equipment. It is a very valid system for production, marking and testing departments, able to combine the principles of air saving (according to criteria of eco-sustainability) with the need for interconnection to corporate management systems. It can reduce tooling times up to 50% and lead times up to 80%.

With traditional 220V power supply and 6 bar supply pressure, AIR-Q is the complete solution for vacuum fixtures: a new production technology combined with the tradition of vacuum fixtures. AIR-Q intervenes on the part to be processed by overcoming the old systems and being prepared for custom equipment made in additive (FEM analysis and topological optimization can help for the specific design). For this reason, it can offer not only simple but also fast developments and productions and guarantees an absolutely predictive maintenance.

AIR-Q is the result of versatile research, at the service of modular work and smart management. It is the best shape that design can give to a reliable, customized, predictive, sustainable, native 4.0 tool.

Ask our R&D department for more details: the solutions are already… in the Air! And there is one ready for you too!

Smart where you don't expect it!

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