The annual Italian Medium-sized Enterprise forum took place in Florence. The event was promoted and organised by the Fabbrica per l’Eccellenza learning community for medium-sized enterprises.
A lectio magistralis and the standard roundtables were organised for the meeting, as opportunities for culture and in-depth analysis. High-level discussions were held concerning increasingly-challenging and global issues—with the focus on this occasion being environmental sustainability, seen as a growth factor and an increasingly valuable contribution that a company can make to the development of its own nation.
All that is Made in Italy consists of two indisputable strengths: beauty and quality. In this structure, digitisation, control of global distribution channels and the history of our excellence are areas that now offer ample room for improvement. Human capital becomes essential: involving people, organisations and institutions through a clear and conscious sharing of values in support of the company as an economic, social and even cultural reality.
Once again, the objectives are simple but immense and push us to look forward on the road to innovation, being of great importance for LMA. We were proud to be part of the learning community, Fabbrica per l’Eccellenza.


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