“Aerospace & Defense Meetings, 8th edition, 2021. Being there was important: to meet each other.

The return to trade fairs in the presence of others is a breath of fresh air for relationships and knowledge of the world around us, above all to capture sensations and glimpse perspectives of our target markets. This year’s Aerospace & Defence Meetings took us back to B2B meetings, to meetings and exchanges of information and contacts, which are the soul of governance like that of the LMA, entirely devoted to networking and synergies. People and their meetings draw trajectories and create opportunities: this is why LMA was also… proud to be there, happy to meet.

It was also the Fair of “good news”, especially for Turin and Aerospace as a whole: at the beginning of the Meeting, the project of the new Aerospace City was officially presented, which will soon be built to bring together Big Players such as Leonardo Company, Thales Alenia Space and Avio, some young start-ups, the Politecnico di Torino and the whole section dedicated to Training, and finally also some SMEs. Research laboratories, shared tables and integrated experiences: the new Aerospace City will also include the Aeritalia airport area and the Space Center, a place of attraction and aggregation for the entire population and tourists. Research and training, experimentation and laboratories: all centred in a single headquarter of innovation and sustainability.

Finally, the Fair held at the Oval Lingotto in Turin also brought interesting confirmations: for example, Leonardo Company invited LMA to its special “Leonardo Supplier Award 2021”. As a result of the ambitious and innovative LEAP programme, Leonardo is bringing together a transformed supply chain, more aware and competitive than ever, in total alignment with the criteria of sustainability and technological excellence.

LMA is pleased to be part of this special supply chain and has always considered the partnership with Leonardo an opportunity for great growth and continuous technological upgrade. The award confirms LMA in its constant purpose of improvement, because we are now in an era in which a new concept of excellence has established itself, according to the logic of sustainable development and latest generation.

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