In less than 6 months, the AFC Controlling and ICT departments, wisely coordinated and assisted by the expert consultancy of “BIOS Management”, have delivered to LMA the brand new “BOARD”, the Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management tool, able to further implement the upgrades already underway in the field of digital and process innovation.

The tool, which will gradually be prepared for use by all internal company departments and which is already brilliantly interfaced with the current ERP, focuses mainly on two decisive capsules: Reporting and Budgeting/Forecasting.

This is yet another strategic investment by LMA in the implementation of its Digital Transformation, with a product that Gartner Inc. itself has defined as “visionary” (see Market Research “Cloud Financial Planning & Analysis Solutions” Magic Quadrant).

For clients and all stakeholders, the benefit is obvious: this tool enables us to provide even more timely and structured, methodological and precise, digitised and integrated services.

Automation and digitization of AFC processes, integrated and collaborative workflow, formulation of scenario/sensitivity analysis, transition to a “zero based budget” logic: these are just some of the features that will make our operations more efficient towards the target market.

Moreover, the entire platform will bring greater reliability of data and further concreteness in the various interconnections between the company’s internal departments (data mining, processing, visualization…): structured processes, fast and accurate economic and financial analysis, as well as managerial dashboards for monitoring performance. Truly a new way of thinking about data sharing, optimisation and structuring!

This precise combination of processes, methodologies, computerisation and measurement metrics allows all business performance to be refined to a very high level: interactive and shared access to tools and databases strengthens active collaboration between departments, improving the performance required by the market and internal analysis of current operating conditions.

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