Turin continues its path of “reloading” in a big way: companies like LMA, on the territory for more than 50 years in the service of Aerospace, is excited about the candidacy of Turin as an incubator of NASA, as the new headquarters BIC (Business Innovation Center) of ESA.

The large technological, academic, institutional and financial network that has been activated to achieve this prestigious goal demonstrates once again that collaborative, shared and proactive interconnections between companies and the territory, between institutions and individuals is the way of the future. It is the way that LMA has always pursued and hoped for. And for which it is ready.

After the Citadel of Space of Turin, this new Center (possibly located within the Politecnico) would be a great element of rebirth and restart. Starting from the Turin area, but to give strength to the whole “Italian System”. LMA is really proud to be aligned with the intent of this great project!

Turin is a candidate as National Hub of NASA and ESA

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