During the recent visit with API of Turin TO to the new EDIH (Digital Innovation Hub) of Mirafiori (Turin), LMA immediately felt enveloped and comforted, perhaps due to its own matrix of innovative company, by that good smell of great synergies (with different partners and stakeholders), of hi-tech innovation, of visions launched into the future but well anchored to opportunities that must be created in the present.

“CIM 4.0” is expertise, innovative and technological, in the manufacturing industry. And it is from here that the transformation, not only digital, of the new Industry 4.0 starts.

The network of 8 Centers of Competence selected by Italian MiSE becomes the preferred location for pilot lines, for calls for tenders, for training, especially at international level. One of these is in the city of cars and space: Turin which, like other territories, is relaunching itself and its productive and social fabric towards new horizons, not only to overcome the traumas of the pandemic crisis, but also to convert the economic and cultural crisis that has afflicted our times into opportunities.

The academic world and the world of work find further meeting points, including physical and welcoming ones, where they can experiment and perfect the alignment necessary to change the productivity of the future. A place made of beautiful classrooms, technological rooms and tools, indoor and outdoor areas for both relaxation and study; a place where tech creativity can be developed and then also transformed into a useful reality for the community.

Entering this location, seeing its strength up close, perceiving its potential, does nothing but reconfirm in us the intent not to get stuck in the present, even if complex, but to react with a wide range and foresight.

We are definitely aligned with this spirit and with these objectives, always aiming at realizing technological and ambitious ideas: so we welcome a place that embodies and collects all this resilient, programmatic and planning energy.


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