Congratulations to the two student teams who were declared winners of the 2021 Digital Edition of the “Samsung Innovation Camp” last night! Problem solving and innovation, creativity and professionalism, planning and teamwork: all the participants, not just the winners, put their best foot forward in what the world of work will soon demand of them in terms of skills, style and objectives.

Together with Samsung, Randstad and the various university departments involved, LMA and Italdesign also evaluated their projects, which focused on two very significant themes: efficient but sustainable smart working and effective and organic corporate communication.

All of them did very well, each one highlighting their own peculiar skills and sensitivity, but above all the “R3mind” group (on the topic of corporate smart working) and the “Girl Power” group (on the topic of corporate communication) distinguished themselves in the presentation of the project, in its organic nature and in its resolute proposal.

The future also lies in this fruitful blend of academic training and comparison with the world of work. Progress lies above all in the talent of these young people, which must be maximised to improve the world they are about to inherit under their management.

We are very proud of our contribution to this wonderful initiative, which is also capable of bilaterally conveying feelings, information, concepts and advice. Congratulations again to everyone!

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