The strengthening of the EU budget 2021-2027 has given a substantial boost to the Green Deal objectives set out in the Next Generation programme.

The ecological transition, like the digital transition, are priorities that show how sustainability must be properly integrated with business.

With this in mind, thanks to the collaboration between the Communication/Business Ethics Office and the ERP Office, we have published a brand new and updated section on the LMA website dedicated to the Business Ethics that govern our individual and collective industrial actions.

These are the vision, mission and best practices that have always been part of the DNA of a company that is as avant-garde as it is attentive to caring for the world and society; but now we want to share them publicly, for the benefit of a supply chain, a market and a society of which we feel an integral part and partly responsible.

The subject touches and pervades various areas and in various contexts: for this reason, we have divided Business Ethics into 4 sections: Corporate & Compliance; Sustainability and Social Responsibility; E.S.G. (Environment, Society, Governance) and Social Solidarity/Charities.

For each section, we have documented best practices, analyses and positions, documentation and certifications obtained so far, but the Communication Office ( is available for further details or clarifications. You can visit the new section through the link  .


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