In front of a large audience, at the conference on the Piedmont Aerospace Supply Chain promoted by Leonardo Company and Unione Industriali di Torino, our CEO Fulvio Boscolo was invited to testify the value of LMA as a supplier of excellence in the Leonardo Supply Chain, which not only represents a significant slice of the regional GDP, but has also established an absolutely innovative industrial model.

Thanks to the LEAP/LEADS Project, the entire Leonardo supply chain, which is also a primary partner in the New Aerospace City Project, can seize more opportunities for growth, innovation (technological and process), and reputation.

The LEAP Project is proof that we are now in the era of synergy, partnership and territoriality, where customer and supplier contribute, each for its part but inextricably together, to the achievement of common objectives based on sustainable and international competitiveness.

Organised by the Unione Industriali di Torino (Industrial Union of Turin) and Leonardo Company, the important event for the Piedmontese Aerospace supply chain was held at the UITo headquarters. All the main players in the sector will meet to share perspectives and opportunities that Defence and Security in Piedmont will offer in the short and long term, all in the light of existing scenarios and the need to enhance the many industrial excellences of our territory.

Our CEO Fulvio Boscolo was invited to describe LMA’s proactive participation in Leonardo’s LEAP/LEADS supply chain project, in a synergetic meeting between many representatives of the industrial and entrepreneurial fabric, institutions and trade associations. Also present were the Mayor of Turin Stefano Lo Russo and the President of the Region Alberto Cirio. UITo President Giorgio Marsiaj, Aerospace District President Fulvia Quagliotti, Regional Councillor for the Development of Productive Activities Andrea Tronzano, as well as senior representatives from Leonardo Company, Thales Alenia Space, Prometeia, the University of Milan and the Polytechnic University of Turin will take part in the round table discussions.

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