The Texan Exos Aerospace lands in Turin and, thanks to the activity of CEI Centro Estero Piemonte, we were honored to be selected for a visit.

Aerospace lives of visions and networks of planetary breath and this stimulating meeting, bearer of possible future synergies, reconfirms the conviction of the importance not only of a constantly excellent and avant-garde technology, but also of an environmental and financial sensitivity in research and design.

As well highlighted also by the media in these days, the Piedmontese space sector will host the research, development and production of reusable rockets of the American company: the seat will be inside the Environmental Park of via Livorno in Turin.

All this while the Citadel of Aerospace in Turin is also approaching and while the last Government has recently reiterated in the words of its own Premier that aerospace will be one of the leading sectors of research and economic development in our country.

These news and these meetings also reinforce the conviction that the best projects and the most productive initiatives to boost markets, with consequent social impact on territories and communities, are based on partnerships and relationships.

Turin at the center of the universe

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