In the interview published in the last issue of “IDD Informazioni Della Difesa”, LMA Governance aims to enhance, and not only with words, the necessary unity of intent between institutions and companies dealing with Aerospace, to underline even more how important we believe the effective collaboration between the actors of the sector is.

The dialogue between the parties is the crucial issue: the correct business planning and the optimization of the Defense sector are priorities that not only complement each other, but intrinsically depend on each other.

Performing synergies or institutional reassurances, as well as the courage to invest in innovation, are mutually supported and absolutely cannot be ignored.

In the interview we reiterate all the availability that companies like LMA must guarantee to the institutional sectors of Defence and Aerospace in general, but at the same time we are aware that government forces and institutional offices must also welcome and support the constructive instances of the business managerial world.

The value of dialogue is also the strength of those who nurture it.


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