In the presence of the illustrious economists Fornero and Cottarelli, PNRR and its effects on small businesses were discussed on March 3, in an evening organized by the “Associazione Insieme Cambiamo Pianezza”, hosted and sponsored by the City of Pianezza.

LMA was cited among the companies that best embodied the sense of innovation, digital transformation and ecological transition that the PNRR brings with it.

Already at the end of 2021, in fact, we participated in a best practice that saw united companies of excellence in the area and local institutions: the Territorial Pact of the West Zone – ZOT – is a virtuous example of collaboration without antithesis or unnecessary competitiveness.

With the adhesion to the call for projects of the GDE (regional call Prism-E on the advanced interconnection of machinery – a system of our design) and BOARD (Business Intelligence platform), LMA has embarked on the road of the Project with the ZOT (the SI4SI) which then entered fully into the broader context of PNRR funds.

This is how Innovation and Digitization best blend with Economic Recovery on the one hand and with the Requalification of the Society/Territory on the other: technology advances, new recruitment opportunities open up, partnerships expand (institutions, Turin Polytechnic, companies…) and public funds from Europe are effectively invested to really change local territories, with positive effects on the job market.


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