2020 marks the 50th anniversary since the foundation of LMA.
Half a century of history, innovation, changes, challenges, results, people, and paths travelled.
LMA has managed to positively respond to the challenge of development through non-stop technological investments, the ability to adapt to the markets, and continual participation in the most important world defence programmes.
A small entity that has managed to become “big”, in the face of huge enterprises.
The people and their attachment to the company made all the difference, allowing us to keep on course even in the midst of various sources of turbulence, typical of those who are constantly on the move and who never lose sight of the goal to be achieved. 50 years, however, is merely an extraordinary stop-over and not a destination.
The LMA logo has undergone various changes to its appearance, with a restyling seeing certain elements maintained in respect of the roots and history, whilst other features have been transformed.
With sights set on the future that propels LMA, in creating shared value for all, come the challenges of and best wishes for that which is yet to come.


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