It’s official!

Thanks to the teamwork of our Technical Department and Quality Department, LMA has obtained the ICIM Certification for the Extension of LMA’s Scope of Work to paragraph 8.3 of EN9100:2016 (relating to “Design & Development” activities), which seals the excellence of our offer of design and co-design services in favour of our customers.

Products and services, like all design and development activities, are planned and controlled through a well-defined process: meeting the customer’s requirements is not enough; in our production and supply we implement a system that schedules the steps and determines the correct inputs (functional or legal requirements, applicable standards or evaluation of the consequences of possible errors, output and control actions…).

Regulatory officialdom seals a long-standing conviction of ours: Quality is a production style, a combination of technical professionalism and expertise. The Quality Management System, with the extension to paragraph 8.3, becomes a beacon for those who, like LMA, constantly strive for excellence.

LMA’s innovation, co-design and technological development are not independent of these structural and structured processes; on the contrary, they provide greater value and produce greater guarantees for all our customers.

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