LMA takes part in the “Winning companies” roadshow hosted by Intesa Sanpaolo to pay tribute to the great importance of small and medium-sized Italian companies. Partners of the event present: ELITE, Bain & Company, Gambero Rosso; special guests Vincenzo Boccia, President of Confindustria, and the President and CEO of Moncler Remo Ruffini. 120 companies present, out of 1800 selected, which are showing more growth than the others. So what are the true success factors of these winning companies? Sustainability, internationalisation and exports, people and skills, generational changeover. An entire day of workshops with the Parenti theatre in Milan as the last stop of the roadshow. The companies at the centre of a country where “being able to things well” is a distinctive sign of industrialization. Thanks to innovation, which has its roots in tradition, and thanks to respect for the territory and relationships between companies. Companies that invest in R&D, and enter new markets, creating new winning business models both in Italy and at international level. Valuable companies such as those part of the Intesa Sanpaolo project called “Woman Value Company” supported by Marisa Bellisario, which rewards gender equality as a determining factor in the development of our country’s economy. The strength of small and medium companies! The strength of LMA!

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