A very rich day of study, knowledge and comparisons at the Politecnico di Torino in the two Aerospace events in which LMA had the honour and pleasure of participating actively, with two lectures and a demo desk.

Our Quality Manager Oscar Tognin brought to the AICQ Conference “Quality in Aerospace” the testimony of how Quality is combined with Sustainability, with the Care of People and also with Research & Development activities.

On the sidelines of the conference, colleagues from our R&D Department presented the technology of our two drones Q4X and RX2, the result of this symbiosis of innovation and quality.

Immediately afterwards, again at the Politecnico, our Communication & Business Ethics Manager Roberto Boggio spoke at the Meeting on “Space Tourism and the Space Economy”, scheduled in the Program of the 2023 Turin “Space Festival”.

It was an opportunity to look at Space many years (and light-years) further afield, starting from the assumption that only with qualifying synergies, such as the one proposed by API Torino, can we proceed at a faster pace both in Deep Space and in the construction of competitive Aerospace supply chains.

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