The first change in the world happens within each one of us.

The Elite Network Class, a training and business growth path for selected national companies wishing to strengthen their value proposition on the market, officially opened.

For projects of this magnitude, where training is the first step of a major change, LMA could not, would not miss it!

It is an excellence, with an international scope, measurable not only in goals already achieved or in strategic plans already underway (and described by our CEO Fulvio Boscolo during his speech, in front of the sixty or so entrepreneurs present), but it is confirmed by the desire to implement its capabilities through ambitious evolutionary paths.

Several focuses were highlighted during the event at Borsa Italiana in Milan: sustainable development, equity, access to capital, growth tools, alternative sources of financing, skills, M&A activities, networking, B-Corp, professional training…

We are working on our being “Impresa of Elite” according to a real transversal development plan, in a Euronext ecosystem supporting those SMEs wishing to accelerate their managerial upgrade, also through new access to capital and with a new dynamism with respect to the principles of sustainability, technological innovation and strengthening of supply chains.

Change is a constant energy… that never changes!

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