This initiative comes from LMA’s heart!
A biscuit.
A biscuit created for the fight against female cancer.
A charitable initiative that cannot be ignored. Especially when meeting with the enthusiasm and sensitivity of the project’s sponsors, Marlena Buscemi and Giada Boccalero, who were the first to take interest in this idea. Briccodolce is the name of this project set up a few months ago from the idea of one of the sponsors who experienced the difficult and painful experience of breast cancer first hand. Wherever it strikes it leaves its mark. But the real key here is to turn this mark into something positive. Because it’s not true that something that we are not directly involved in is not our problem. We can all do something to transmit a positive message of hope. Together we can create new projects and important synergies. Because limits are the resources that push us to do more.
Work becomes work when passion has gone.
And LMA has a great deal of passion: this biscuit comes from its heart!

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