Our commitment to the environment, to the region, to society, to individuals, to future generations and to a clean and healthy economy has been honoured by Leonardo Company, one of our customers with whom the supply chain partnership is being strengthened year by year.

For the second year in a row, LMA was selected from a parterre of more than 130 companies and, in the area of sustainability, again received the ‘Leonardo Sustainability Award’, with the distinction of being a company with even higher standards than the international average.

An award that fuels our enthusiasm and commitment to continue on this virtuous path, where corporate well-being goes hand in hand with collective well-being.

The evening included an interesting round table discussion, moderated by Dr. Carullo, in which the three Leonardo Divisions, represented by their respective Managers (Dr. Cutillo, Dr. Bertoli and Dr. Pongaro), spoke mainly about growth and innovation and what opportunities and challenges lie ahead not only for Leonardo, but for all SMEs in the supply chain, also in relation to the analysis of a prospectus that highlighted the past, present and future situation.

One of the key points was precisely supply chain consolidation, because certain results can only be achieved with partnerships and synergies of a certain level.

The evening’s awards covered various categories, reinforcing the concept that the entire industrial world can no longer ignore certain qualifying objectives: operation excellence, service, sustainability, vision for growth.

My sincere thanks to Chief Procurement & Supply Chain Giacinto Carullo and VP Supplier Sustainability & Development Paolo Rostirolla for coordinating the splendid evening of the ‘Leonardo Supplier Conference Award 2022’. And thanks also to VP Procurement Fabio Poletto who presented us with the coveted award.

We are very happy and proud to have been recognised as a company in line with the principles and values adhered to by Leonardo: innovation and growth among the distinctive themes also indicated in the round table during the event.

For this possibility of further growth, we thank not only the competence and passion of all our colleagues, and not only the Communication Office that takes care of coordinating all that is related to Business Ethics, but the client Leonardo itself, for its decisive support through dedicated assessments and through the LEAP/LEADS project.

We are very proud to be part of such a synergic and aware supply chain, always stimulated by this partnership with an Italian brand of excellence in the world.

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