Cristina Boscolo, CEO of LMA, took part in the Randstad Worshop, “Understanding and Transferring Change”, on dialogue between generations as a competitive advantage for people and businesses.
A theatre of excellence at Juventus Stadium, where Rudy Bandiera (communicator and TEDx speaker) and Sara Portolano (Delivery Manager Career Management Randstad) had us reflect upon how to enhance differences in age and facilitate dialogue by always focusing on the person and their needs. Guest of honour was the Juve defender Bonucci who leaned on his experience in recounting how exchanges with younger players is stimulating and pushes everyone to do better, without disregarding any detail.
Change is not to be feared but rather knowing how to interpret and maintain high levels of performance represents the frame of mind that all should have at work—a positive exchange between generations. Today, in fact, it is increasingly common to have people from  various generations, with differences in terms of age and skills, within the same workplace.
The challenge needs to be creating an environment that promotes positive collaboration by enabling each resource to express their potential.

LMA took part in the Randstad workshop on generational dialogue

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