There are projects that are destined to take flight. Literally.

LMA supported the Student Flyteam “Icarus Polito” of the Polytechnic of Turin in the initial design phases and then sponsored the project of the prototype “Amelia”, also providing the winglets in additive manufacturing. And finally Amelia has made its first flight!

This is one of the great projects of “Icarus Polito”: an electric aircraft, a UAV-RA (Record Aircraft) that provides in the final phase of the project a solar panel power supply. In the next tests, thanks to an advanced flight simulator, able to calculate the trajectories based on weather conditions and inclination of exposure to sunlight, “Amelia” will prepare for a truly exciting challenge: an ocean crossing really “full green”.

The Flyteam “Icarus Polito” was born in 2015 and annually has just under a hundred students: the interdisciplinary nature of this team complements the academic courses and a specially dedicated staff takes care of the ICT, communication, as well as Design aspects.

Since 2018, the Student Team is engaged in numerous tests and participation in numerous events and fairs in the field of technological innovation, including the very recent “A&T Automation & Testing” where the CEO of LMA represented the Aerospace sector with the role of Ambassador.

The funds, allocated by the Politecnico, are directly managed by the Student Team, constantly supported by Professor Maggiore and his Engineering Department.

The other ongoing projects of “Icarus Polito” are equally exciting and ambitious: a solid propellant rocket model (DART), which aims to break the current record of maximum apogee height; an aircraft to be presented at the next International Air Cargo Challenge in Munich (in the last edition in Stuttgart they qualified in 6th place).

The collaboration of LMA with the Flyteam will be realized also through the direct presence in the company of the Student Team, invited to refine their projects in the new Hub managed by our R&D Department.

Another journey in the name of networking between companies and academic worlds, where the talent of young people meets the experience of professionals! With such premises, of course, the flight is assured!

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