In the opening ceremony of the “A&T-Automation & Testing Fair” in Turin, the supply chains of 6 industrial sectors, each represented by an Ambassador, confronted each other, and all with MISE Deputy Minister Pichetto Fratin. The Fair, coordinated by A&T, gathers 400 stands of companies and organizations committed to “innovation, reliability, technology and skills 4.0” and proposes great technological opportunities that must be accompanied by the same management foresight.

Fulvio Boscolo, CEO of LMA, Ambassador for Aerospace, shared with the other speakers the wish for an ever greater networking, based on collaborative and proactive synergies, between companies, institutions and other market and society subjects.

We need a better awareness, a real business culture, which pushes innovation beyond the present, especially in the field of digital transformation, but it is not enough: the whole Italian System must first invest properly in reorganization, dematerialization and more streamlined bureaucracies. Digitization, although fundamental, must dress up an industrial and social system that has been properly prepared for such a demanding outfit.

It is a work of synergies, dialogue and assumption of responsibility, each for his own part.


Concluded the Three Days in Turin of the “A&T – Automation & Testing” Fair, in which we have prided ourselves on representing the visions and instances of Aerospace: another experience of sharing, both commercial and technological development.

400 stands of proposals in every technological field and more than 70 events and conferences, all demonstrating the liveliness of national entrepreneurship.

“From ideal to feasible” is the claim that proclaims how innovation, reliability, technologies and skills see in Industry 4.0 not a goal, but a new beginning and relaunch. Towards a global future to be built together, in effective synergies, with constructive and transversal networks and relationships.

A future to be designed, imagined, printed, produced, but always from a sustainable point of view, for the realization of today’s projects and for the safeguard of the planet that we will deliver to future generations.

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