Here is another big step in Smart Technology of which we at LMA are particularly proud: “AIR-Q”, our first national patent, designed to support the market of mechanical machining excellence, officially comes into action!

“AIR-Q” is the system dedicated to vacuum fixtures, a compact, integrated and interconnected device, designed to communicate with management systems and production machinery: it is a versatile system, which can be reprogrammed with new and additional functions.

The result of the creative engineering of our R&D department, “AIR-Q” was created for specific internal production needs, but then enjoyed further releases until it was proposed on the market for any type of support to mechanical production. It can make marking processes more efficient and optimise production performance: it can reduce tooling times by up to 50% and lead times by up to 80%.

It is also a sustainable technology, because it is based on the perfect combination of the best qualities offered by both 3D printing and additive manufacturing, with the technical peculiarities of the vacuum system and the eco-sustainable principles of air saving.

Our R&D department has all the details in store for you: don’t hesitate to contact them at


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