Business training takes place everywhere.
And the most effective is not learned at school or in academic manuals.
The form, method and approach can be changed over the decades, but its importance has remained.
A special event at the end of the year took place last night in the suggestive and magnificent location of Ronchi Verdi, in the centre of Turin.
The event was organized by the AIF (Italian Association of Trainers) of which LMA is a commercial partner. LMA believes in important values, and the training of its personnel is one of them. The continuously evolving market always obliges us to look for new ways of working and thinking. For a company like LMA, always up to date, there is a clear and strong need to work in the field and compete with other businesses to enrich its cultural background and be able to transfer it to its own personnel, with a view to continuous and unstoppable growth.


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