We are LMA

An Italian Aerospace Company

LMA in short: high precision mechanical processes for the world of aeronautics.

Thanks to considerable technological investments and know-how gained, today the company is considered a reference point for important national and international clients both in civil and military sectors.

In particular, LMA is considered an innovative company of great importance thanks to the adoption of the most complete form of development: verticalization.
This process enables to offer products that integrate: development and research, production engineering, machining of metals, procurement of materials and stock management, heat treatments and assemblies.
A universe of specific and professional skills but, above all, a set of key values that represent our daily actions.

Honesty. Integrity. Respect. Transparency. Innovation. Specialization.

Be on the way into the future

Our history

Founded in 1970 by Giuseppe Boscolo and his wife Oriana Fazioni, LMA has, right from its beginnings, been operating in the field of precision mechanics for the civil and military aeronautical and helicopter sectors, gradually expanding its market to include mechanical production for the aerospace market.
The second generation of the Boscolo family, Fulvio and Cristina, are now at the helm of the company.
Thanks to this second generation, LMA has grown from being a family business, successfully opening up to a managerial model, which has led to an exponential growth trend.
The new company model has therefore enabled LMA to have greater international credibility with the title of Tier 1 for important multinational companies in the aerospace sector.

The 3 pillars of our approach.

Strategy and Mission

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  • Maximum levels of productivity, accessibility, performance, timing
    and quality.
  • Maximum skills and professionalism.
  • Constant innovation to offer real competitive advantages.

These three pillars are the foundations of LMA’s strategy which, with its technical and production capabilities, aims at becoming one of the world's leading aerospace suppliers, offering customers the most competitive and reliable products on the national and international markets.
This strategy is guided by a mission that accompanies LMA right from founding: sustainable growth and creation of added value for our customers, meeting or exceeding their expectations and becoming the best choice partner in their projects.