A strategic position in the North of Italy

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  • Latitude 45.0967434
  • Longitude 7.5618899
  • Altitude 306 m

This is the epicentre of LMA, near Turin, in the North West of Italy.
There are three plants that each handle different production functions: operations, logistics and the functional control of the supply chain.
The first two plants are located in northern Italy, while the third is in Somma Vesuviana, in the area of Naples, southern Italy.
The plants have a total area of over 25,000 square meters and house the departments of machining and adjustment, as well as the departments for assembly, testing, marking and packaging, treatments and warehouse.
LMA has a strategic position since it is located close to the most important motorway and air routes, and in proximity to the European borders of France, Switzerland and Austria.
In 2018 a new company area was inaugurated through an important expansion of the operating plant thanks to the constant and continuous increase in terms of volumes, turnover and resources.

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Via Vercelli, 6
10044 Pianezza

Sales and Marketing Offices

Via Vercelli, 8
10044 Pianezza

Logistics and Treatments Plant

Via dei Prati, 50
10044 Pianezza

Expediting office

Via Sant'Anna, 39
80049 Somma Vesuviana
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